Service done right.

  • Manufacturer warranty
    We offer and stock replacement parts for our hydroponic units.

    We are just a phone or email call away.

    We want your success to be our calling card. As a manufacturer, we know our products have been tested and should offer you trouble free operations for years to come. If you ever have a problem with our unit, we will stand behind it and resolve the issue for you.

  • Food Nutrients
    Nutrients are time tested with our system

    Handcrafted and unique design we manufacture are designed for the maximum nutrient penetration

    We specialize in the manufacture of a beautifully designed hydroponic system what would compliment your home décor while providing your a high yield of plant food you can use in cooking and enjoy table side.

  • We offer home service in select markets.
    We offer set-up, installation and service in select markets through our distributors

    Our services include monthly preplanned maintenance plans for a small additional charge.

    Please contact us if you should have any special requests for service or larger orders.

  • Vertical Garden

    • Herbs, flowers or vegetables.
    • Grow 6 different types.
    • Promote great health.
    • No soil or tilling & self watering

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  • Start small, grow fast.

    • Grow more. We offer a higher yield of plant food
    • Low price. Allows for add on systems
    • Visit our grow list to experience the favorites
    • Repeatable, fast to harvest solution

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  • Our Customer

    Our Customer

    “I really enjoy the Pia Series! I find it awesome how my child and I watch the plants grow each day before our eyes and with virtually no effort. I change the water every two weeks using the simple turn of a dial that removes the water and I add 20ml of food nutrient. That's it! The whole process is 5 minutes and my young daughter now does it. We currently harvest then cook or eat from our hydroponic unit. We were really surprised by the results and will continue our partnership for a long time. ”

    Myra Batista
    Health Practitioner and customer

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  • Our Dealer

    Our Dealer

    “We decided while at our Florida home to become a dealer as our Canadian friends would love to have this unit in their home due to the cold weather. Many of our friends grow their own herbs in abundance now and it take no effort to operate the system. It really sells itself!”

    Frank Buffa
    Toronto, Canada Dealer

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