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Pia CINCO Hydroponic System with Starter Kit - U.S. FREE SHIPPING

Brand: PlanetPonics
Weight: 9.00lb
Dimensions: 16.00in x 16.00in x 15.00in

Price: $169.00
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Pia CINCO - Personal Indoor Aeroponics is a highly atractive, complete rich sea shell tone hydroponics system. Pia Quattro, Cinco and Seis have identical features and the hydroponics system is enclosed inside the planter. The only difference is the design (look) of the planter.

No Soil, Self-Watering w/ planter, nutrients & starter kit. Partial grow list various types of tomatoes, kale, lettuce, peppers or almost anything with a root!

See our complete grow list at

Even store bought items can be planted if it has a starting root. Start from seed or small plant. Even extend the life of your store bought flowers. Simply clip some of the oregano, parsley etc. you need for your sauce and let it regenerate. Mix and match up to 6 different items! Everything is included to get growing! Unit is 15.75-in x 11.81-in  x 15.75-in. No green thumbs is required.

Complete Starter Kit includes: 6 growing compartments for various plants, herbs or vegetables. Mix and Match what you want to grow. 

  • 6 mesh net growing pods/baskets
  • Clay grow rocks (enough for 6 nesting pods)
  • 6 hydroton starter plugs (for seed growth - not required if adding your own starter plants)
  • 2 month supply of Grow More PH ready mixed nutrient
  • 30 min Programmable Timer
  • Low noise electric 110v submersible  pump (unit is 100% assembled)
  • Unlimited on-line support for your unit

*Plants not included. Purchase starter plants or seeds locally and add to the system.

Our Personal Indoor/Outdoor is a highly attractive hydroponics system that matches any décor.. More information about the product can be found at under the education center. We are the manufacturer.

Don't waste money - preserve them! Tired of paying $4 for an herb or some vegetables like celery or chives and you use just a little and throw away the other $3 dollars? Use store bought herbs, vegetables and place them in the hydroponic unit. Clip as you go (what you need) and watch them regenerate. You will not need to throw them away - extending the life. Great for extending the life of those gift flowers!

This elegant grow system gives you the capability of growing plants and vegetables combined with the look and sound that your typical unattractive grow systems lack.

For use indoor or outdoor, this system will be the topic of conversation for your friends and family. The kit comes complete with everything you need to get started. The system requires minimal maintenance and is ready to go right out of the box. Priced way less than many systems out there and more attractive. Watch your Plants grow while you listen the relaxing sound of a tropical rain forest. Great for educational purposes or for any advanced growing.

Your Hydroponics system comes equipped with an automatic drain valve making the water nutrient mixture very easy to replace with no mess!

Easy to Use - Self Watering

  • Our Patent pending design works quietly and efficiently.
  • Our on demand water removal system is simple - no mess.
  • Eco friendly, clean, sustainable food and pays for itself.
  • Guaranteed lowest price. Includes EVERYTHING you need!
  • As the manufacturer, we love what we do & back it with service!

Fast & Repeatable Harvest

  • All year - grows inside during summer or out on the patio for bitter cold winters.
  • Repeatable harvest by simply clipping the top of herbs and allow them to regrow.
  • Mix and Match up to 6 herbs, vegetables or flowers. See our grow list.
  • Great for a condo, home or patio setting! Indirect sunlight or use a grow light.

Sure to Grow - Pays for Itself

  • Growing in soil is messy and often unsuccessful.
  • No green thumb required. Just 10 minutes month.
  • Get Growing - ready to go, fully assembled.
  • Professionally designed & not a rogue plastic tub homemade system.

Planet Benefits - Our Cause

  • Less pesticide use due to elimination of soil.
  • Less water - replenish only 1 gallon every 10 days.
  • No fertilizer since nutrients flow to the roots.
  • No insects, elegant growing, hydroponic healthy.
  • Wonderful conversation starter for friends and family.

How it Works - Grow List

  • Add 1 gallon of water and 2 tablespoons of nutrients every 10 days.
  • Grows from seed to harvest or store bought (small) to harvest.
  • Plugged in to standard 120V outlet, timer manages 30 minutes off and on to allow roots to dry.
  • From stove to table: Grow basil, lettuce, tomatoes, kale and many more etc.

Hydroponics versus Soil

  • SPACE SAVINGS - HYDRO: fits on patio, near a couch or window SOIL: use up your whole yard!
  • NO WEEDING - HYDRO: NONE or SOIL: hands and Knees weeding!
  • LESS PESTS & DISEASE - Eliminating soil removes different soil borne diseases and pest.
  • TIME SAVING: No sweating, no dirty clothes, grows anytime, green thumb, no tilling.

ARRIVAL INSTRUCTIONS: Main Hydroponic Unit is pre-assembled. Upon arrival simply add 6 nesting pods, fill nesting pods with clay grow rocks to get started. Then, complete the 2 step system.

Our two step system: Every 10-14 days

1. Simply use our engineered self-draining dial to easily remove previous water and Grow More nutrients. Then, replace with fresh 1 gallon of tap water.

2. Add 30ML of our Grow More Nutrient. Enjoy! That's it!


This system is easy to use and was designed for a novice or experienced grower. We've taken the guess work out of hydroponics.



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How To Prepare and Mix the Grow More Nutrients?

How to set up the unit upon arrival


As the Manufacturer we back our products with a professional engineered hydroponic unit and customer service.

Planter - 1 year Manufacturer warranty on defects exclude cosmetic any and all blemishes that migh incur during ownership.

Hydroponic system inside the Planter - 2 year Manufacturer warranty

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