How do I replace the nutrients on my Pia Hydroponic System?

Personal Indoor Aeroponics System (PIA Cinco, Seis and Quattro) Pia series is a professionally manufactured and time tested solution for growing your own food, flowers or herbs -- almost everything is possible to grow! Watch our 3 part Series.

Part 1 - How to empty old or existing nutrients using our drain valve.

Part 2 - How to prepare and mix the pre-balanced PH GROW MORE nutrients food.

Part 3 - How to add fresh GROW MORE nutrients to your PIA Hydroponics system

Replacing the super nutrient is very simple. We recommend to replace the nutrients and water every 10-14 days.

  • Place a 1.0-1.5 gallon container under the drain valve and turn the valve on. Make sure the pump timer is set to the ON position. The water will rapidly drain. Once drained you will hear a suction sound. Close the drain valve and you’re done.

  • Pre-mix 1 gallons of cold water with a fresh 30ml (cough medicine cup) of our Grow more nutrients.

  • Pour the premixed water with nutrients into the planter via any “open” growing pod holes.

  • Switch the programmable timer back to timer mode. Verify the on/off time settings.

  • That’s it. You are done!! Enjoy and repeat steps #1 and #2 every 10-14 days. And, watch it grow

** Once plants are at blooming stage (flowering) we recommend switching to our super bloom nutrient.  Not always necessary but depends on your plants you are growing. Available at our on line store.