How do I set up my Pia Hydroponic System?

 Pia series is a professionally manufactured and time tested solution for growing your own food, flowers or herbs -- almost everything is possible to grow!


Personal Indoor Aeroponic System is shipped fully assembled and requires minimal set up.

  1. Place PIA System near a good light source, sun light would be optimal. We recommend by a sliding glass door, near a window or outside under a covered patio. A grow light can also be used but necessary if adequate sunlight is available.

  2. Plug the unit into the timer and plug the timer into a 120v "standard" power outlet.

  3. Set up the timer to run 15 minutes on and 30 minutes off for indoors and 15 minutes on 15 minutes off for outdoors. Make sure the "timer on" switch is set to timer mode - makes it automatic.

  4. Place the lid on top of the PIA System rim planter and place the net growing pods in each precut hole.

  5. Fill the net growing pods with the clay grow rocks about 95% filled.

  6. Pre-mix 1 gallons of water with 30ml (cough medicine cup) of our grow more nutrients.

  7. Pour the premixed water with nutrients into the planter via any “open” growing pod holes.

  8. That’s it. You are done!! Enjoy and repeat step #6 and #7 every 10-14 days. And, watch it grow!