How do I care and maintain my Pia Hydroponic System?

Personal Indoor Aeroponics System Pia series is a professionally manufactured and time tested solution for growing your own food, flowers or herbs -- almost everything is possible to grow!


  • FILTER/DAMPENER: Your system has been designed with minimum effort. We only recommend replacing the replacing the filter/dampener every 6 months. Simply lift out and replace with a new one.

  • PLANTING SOILED PLANTS: We do not recommend using plants that have been planted in soil without watching our video on SOIL TO HYDRO Transplant. Any soil left on the roots can clog the pump and shorten the life of the filter/dampener. You can use soiled plants (cleaned properly) or seeds (using starter plugs).

  • PIA HYDROPONIC POWER CONSUMPTION: The System is a low consumption unit costing approx. $1.75 per year to operate.

  • REPLACING THE NUTRIENTS IS VERY SIMPLE: It is recommended to replace the nutrient every 10-14 days