What can I grow with my PIA - Personal Indoor Aeroponics System?

Planetponics.com Pia series is a professionally manufactured and time tested solution for growing your own food, flowers or herbs -- almost everything is possible to grow!

See our list below and enjoy great health. With our vertical gardening system you can produce a higher yield of food that can be shared with friends and family at your next outing or meal. Many competitors give you one choice  - herbs.

We give you 6 (six) growing compartments for various fruits, vegetables, flowers or herbs that you can mix or match. You are not locked up in a golden cage and confronted with a limited selection of the same item like most store bought more expensive  -- herb gardens!

We created PIA so we can have an abundance of grow food, easy to maintain and well, our features on the PIA series was designed for the sake of easiness. Instead, we face the simplicity of not needing a green thumb anymore because PIA runs on it's own.

Our vertical garden is less than half the cost of most hydroponic systems with more growing compartments. PIA is feature rich, attractive for your home decor. We know you will find the PIA is one of the most popular appliances in your home!

Fruits and VegetablesFresh HerbsFlowers (Edible and Ornamental)
Amaranth (vegetable type)
Angelica Calendula
Arugula Anise Hyssop Carthamus
Beans: Lima, bush, pole, shell, fava Basil, all types Dianthus
Broccoli - Broccoli Raab Bee Balm Hyacinth Bean
Brussels Sprouts Borage Marigolds
Cabbage and Chinese cabbage Calendula Monarda
Cauliflower Catmint Nasturtiums
Chard, all types Catnip Pansies
Chicory Chamomile Salvia
Collards Chervil Scarlet Runner Bean
Corn Salad Chives Sunflowers -  dwarf varieties only
Cucumbers Cilantro (Coriander) & Culantro Violas
Dandelion, Italian Citrus Basil Ageratum
Eggplant, European and Asian Cumin Agrostemma
Endive Cutting Celery Ammi
Escarole Dandelion Amaranth, Globe
Garbanzo beans Dill Amaranthus
Gourds, edible and ornamental Echinacea (Coneflower) Artemisia
Kale Epazote Aster
Kohlrabi Feverfew Bells of Ireland
Leeks Flax Bupleurum
Lettuce, all types Garlic Chives Cardoon
Mesclun Varieties Goldenseal Safflower
Melons, all types Hyssop Centaurea
Mustard Greens Lavender Celosia 
Leaf Fennel Coleus
Peas, all types
Lemon Balm  Cosmos
Peppers, all types
Lemon Grass Craspedia
Lovage Datura
Marjoram Delphinium
Mexican Mint Marigold Digitalis
Squash, all types
Milk Thistle Eucalyptus
Mint, all varieties Euphorbia
Tomatoes, all types  Nettle Forget-me-not
Asian Herbs and Vegetables Oregano Hibiscus
Amaranth, Bayam Parsley (leafy type only) Impatiens
Basil: Thai, Samui, Langkur Passion Flower Kale, ornamental
Beans, Adzuki, Mung, So Pleurisy Root Morning Glory
Broccoli, Chinese Pyrethrum Nigella
Cabbage, Chinese, flowering Rosemary Petunia
Cress, Chinese and Japanese Rue Phlox
Hyacinth, Asian varieties Sage Poppy
Melons, Asian varieties Salad Burnet Polygonum
Kinh Gio Saltwort Ptilotus
Komatsuna Savory Salpiglossis
Leek, Chinese Shiso Rudbeckia
Mibuna Stevia Sanvitalia
Misome Thyme Scabiosa
Mizuna Valerian Snapdragon
Molokhia Wormwood Statice
Ngo Gai Wheatgrass Stock
Pak Choy ..much more. Strawflower
Perilla   Sweet Peas
Spinach, Malabar   Thunbergia
Squash, Asian varieties   Yerbana
..much more.   Yarrow
  ..much more.