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If you enjoy unique health products that can be offered in your area, please contact us. We are offering an opportunity to sell, maintain and/or service our clients through our North America. Our systems is unique with several area to improve both our customers and your bottom line. Become a Distributor.

We offer traditional profitable solutions for landscapers, health oriented individuals, our existing customers and many others.


Join Us!

Join us in this hydroponic revolution. They say it takes just one action to start a new movement. And, more importantly we can be a small cog in that wheel together. We provide a simple and user-friendly way to enrich your health.

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Pay now and it's free later

Pia Series

Pays for itself - Hydroponics System

As a distributor we know you have choices. Consider first, that there is no better product to market than one that sells itself. In fact, as you produce your own garden and harvest it as a customer you are eating away at the cost of the PIA system each time. Essentially it a zero sum product. Pay now and it's free later. We anticipate due to our low cost of the unit, the payback is within 11 months for our customers. It's something you will enjoy selling and servicing.

We need distributors and representatives that can service our customer as the sales part is well, sells itself. We provide lovingly crafted style variations to give the customer a great look in their home and patio. Please inquire today and start earning tomorrow. Get to know us today!


 How to become a distributor/dealer 

Register as a distributor/dealer with

It’s free and takes only a minute to enter your details and access a wealth of opportunities which could increase your revenue. Contact us and we'll send you a quick application and steps. 

Find the right product

If you have an existing business or customer base and are looking for additional products consider your customer demographic and look for value added products with synergy to your existing business, but don’t be surprised if in your search you are inspired by something unexpected and we certainly agree with innovation and evolution in business. If you are starting a business as a reseller you must first decide what kind of products you are interested in selling. Research merchants and find out what is required to set up and what your overheads and revenues could be so that you can write your business plan and make an informed decision.

Find the right Merchant

There are several considerations when choosing a merchant to resell for. You naturally will want to choose the merchant that offers you the best returns for your sales but you must also be aware of the differences between the reseller agreements. For example a merchant may offer 10% more revenue per sale but require 50% more work making the lower return better value. You should compare different merchant’s reseller agreements and consider the different way of remuneration. Consider how you will track your sales to ensure that you are paid accordingly. Make sure that the terms of the reseller agreement are fair and be aware of both your duties as a reseller and the duties of the merchant to you as well as the term of the contract particularly if you are required to make a financial commitment. The key to being a successful and profitable reseller is choosing a reliable product(s), from a reputable company with good profit margins, a straight forward reseller agreement that is easy to track and manage!

 Agree terms & begin selling

Once you have identified the right product and merchant you are in a position to agree terms. Always make sure that you fully understand every clause within the contract and your responsibilities when you sign. Once you are satisfied, all you need to do is sign the contract and implement your marketing strategy to begin selling your new product. We look forward to working  with you.


  • Our Customer

    Our Customer

    “I really enjoy the Pia Series! I find it awesome how my child and I watch the plants grow each day before our eyes and with virtually no effort. I change the water every two weeks using the simple turn of a dial that removes the water and I add 20ml of food nutrient. That's it! The whole process is 5 minutes and my young daughter now does it. We currently harvest then cook or eat from our hydroponic unit. We were really surprised by the results and will continue our partnership for a long time. ”

    Myra Batista
    Health Practitioner and customer

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  • Our Dealer

    Our Dealer

    “We decided while at our Florida home to become a dealer as our Canadian friends would love to have this unit in their home due to the cold weather. Many of our friends grow their own herbs in abundance now and it take no effort to operate the system. It really sells itself!”

    Frank Buffa
    Toronto, Canada Dealer

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Our Store and Hydroponics Education

Our Store

Our Store

As the developer and manufacturer of our hydroponic products, we encourage you to visit our online store 24/365/7.

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Hydroponic education is always here. Either contact one of our PIA experts or visit our education center. Our solution makes it easy to follow but we you can always use a refresher!

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