About Our Company

Communication and service comes first.

Our Reason

Everyday is a creative day

We love growing our own healthy food from our system to our table. At PlanetPonics we offer a complete solution that our employees and customers use everyday. As a manufacturer, we love the idea of faster harvest with a higher yield of vegetables and herbs. We decided it was important to prove that personal farming can be done in an elegant way in the cold of winter or warm weather. So, if you live in a condo in the warmth of South Florida or in dead of winter in Canada our PIA system can handle both climates better than any traditional soil solution. Imagine, clipping your herbs like basil for your favorite Italian sauce! 

We believe our products are also a conversation piece in any home or patio setting. We know health, great conversation with friends and food are the way to your heart.

The leading chiefs

Sandro Torchia

Sandro Torchia

Founder and Lead Developer
Demetri Karageorges

Demetri Karageorges

Founder, Web Guru
MaryAnne Torchia

MaryAnne Torchia

Founder, Financial Services

Mission Statement

Aeroponics Mission Statement

PlanetPonics permanently endeavors to develop its performance at all levels: improvement of our aeroponic technology for outstanding quality, designs at the cutting-edge of fashion, reduced energy consumption as well as consistently fostering receptiveness to the needs and desires of consumers.

Ever since the company's creation, our success has been driven by 4 essential principles:

  • The values of those who contribute, day by day, to the company’s success

  • The use of a single focus: better aeroponics/hydroponics

  • The deployment of a single universe: the home and its growing environment

  • A single principle: Innovation

PlanetPonics truly embodies its slogan:

"We continue to provide consumers with outstanding hydroponics products & services to what's important to their lives"