Aeroponics System Manufacturer - Welcome to PlanetPonics!

 Consumer Products Division - North America

PlanetPonics - US is the consumer products division of Skybox with over 20 years of experience manufacturing residential products in the United States and distributing throughout North America. We offer economical, stylish and durable products for a variety of home environments and retail distribution channels.

Our focus on transforming hydroponic systems into useful, functional and decorative products for home use has remained consistent over the years and with a continued dedication to customer satisfaction, we have developed a successful group of products that are certain to improve your home, health and overall experience. Please feel free to browse a sampling of our hydroponic solutions. 

Contact a PlanetPonics Hydroponics Care Representative today to discuss what PlanetPonics can do for your business. Our commitment to quality products, superior customer service and dedication to our customer's success will inspire you as well as your customers.